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What Do Commercial Window Repair Services Do?

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Broken windows can be caused by any number of things. Burglars may break a window in order to gain access to your shop. Strong winds can damage large windows, and rocks can be launched into windows by bike or car tires. Every business owner should have the number of a commercial window repair company on file for these occasions. Here are four services a window glass repair company can offer you.

1. Evaluate the damage

Some window damage can be repaired. In other cases, an entire replacement may be necessary. The possibility of a repair will depend on the severity of the damage and the type of window you have. Single pane windows are often easier to fix, while windows with multiple panes may require replacement. It can be difficult or impossible for an untrained person to tell the difference. Fortunately, a window repairman will be able to assess the damage and prescribe an ideal course of action.

2. Secure your business

Windows can't always be repaired on the same day they were broken. Large picture windows may take some time to be repaired because the replacement glass may need to be ordered. However, you should still call a commercial glass repair service as soon as you notice the damage. They can secure your business using temporary solutions that will protect your building, staff, and goods until the window itself can be fixed. Your repairman may use large plywood boards to provide sturdy reinforcement that will prevent further window damage, discourage theft, and keep water out.

3. Fix structural problems

Window damage isn't always caused by external damage. If your window cracks and you're also unable to open and close your windows, a warped window frame may be to blame. Wooden window frames can absorb water as time goes by, especially if they're improperly sealed. If your window frame swells badly enough, it can put pressure on your window, eventually causing the glass to crack. A commercial window repair service can fix your damaged glass. They can also replace problematic window frames so the problem doesn't recur.

4. Repair insulated windows

Insulated windows can keep your energy bill at a manageable level. Insulated windows are created by trapping a thin layer of gas between two sheets of glass. When insulated windows are in good condition, they're perfectly clear. If the seal fails, you may see steam or water between the sheets of glass that make up your window. A window repairman can fix the problem by resealing your window or replacing it.

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