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It May Be Time To Replace Your Glass Shower Enclosure

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Glass is a popular material for a number of home fixtures and projects, largely because of its tendency to last a long time. However, similar to most other materials — glass does have a lifespan, particularly when it comes to a shower enclosure. Over time, the glass can start to look dull and worn, which can have a negative impact on the look of the overall space. Rather than tarnish the look of your bathroom, learn about some of the indicators that mean it is time for a replacement.

Hard to Tackle Grime

From the oils naturally found on your skin to ingredients in your soap to hard water, it is normal to have a buildup on the glass. However, a little elbow grease and an effective cleaning agent should remove these imperfections. Over time, these stains can become etched into the glass, and as a result, these steps may no longer work. At this point, the only way to restore the clean look of the enclosure is to replace the glass. 

Tiny Cracks and Fractures

Keep an eye out for cracks and fractures. If you notice any of these types of imperfections in your glass, you need to act right away. One great thing about shower enclosure glass is that it is designed not to shatter. However, this feature does not prevent cracks and fractures from expanding over time due to pressure on the glass. Stay safe and schedule a replacement as soon as possible.

Frequent Leaks

Constant spots of pooled water on the floor after a shower is another warning sign. Glass enclosures are sealed in order to keep the water inside. However, as the glass shifts, the seals can begin to fail. It is possible to repair the seals, but typically, by the time this sort of issue occurs, it is an indication that a replacement is a good idea.

Framed Design

If you have a framed shower enclosure design, you may want to consider a replacement to give the bathroom a modern upgrade. New, frameless enclosures offer the same benefits of a framed design, but the absence of the frame gives it a cleaner and more modern look. If you want to breathe some life in your space, this small addition can go a long way.

Do you have concerns about the condition of your glass enclosure? Contact a residential glass installation professional for a consultation so that you know what to do.