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The Top Questions About Glass Shower Enclosures Answered

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What do you need to know about glass shower enclosures? Before you invest in this upgraded option, take a look at the top questions homeowners have answered.

Are Enclosures and Doors the Same?

Do you need a full enclosure or just a door? A glass enclosure has doors. But it also has additional sides—instead of one piece of glass that opens or slides. If you have a stall shower with one opening, you only need a door. A full enclosure is necessary if the space has a wide opening or need to create a shower area with at least two glass pane walls.

What Type of Glass Can You Choose?

The answer to this question depends on the glass contractor. Some companies specialize in safety tempered glass products, while others also offer frosted or tinted options. If you prefer a pure, clean look, translucent glass is the best choice. Frosted glass can upgrade the bathroom's aesthetics and adds a sense of privacy. Tinted products can complement a colorful décor or add a sense of modern style to the room.

Do You Want a Frameless Shower?

As the name implies, frameless showers are free of metal or other noticeable frames. A frameless enclosure compliments a contemporary space and creates a tranquil, spa-like feel. Along with decorative or aesthetic aspects of this type of enclosure, a frameless option can also add the illusion of space to a small bathroom.

Will a Frameless Enclosure Have Hardware?

A completely clear frameless enclosure won't have metal (or another material) around the edges. But this doesn't mean it is completely hardware-free. Your frameless shower may have hinges, door pulls, or other decorative and functional hardware accents. Along with exterior items, your shower's hardware could include interior towel bars, handles, knobs, or hooks.

If you're not sure what type of hardware to choose for your new enclosure, discuss the options with the glass contractor. The contractor can help you to understand your choices and which ones work best for specific types of enclosures or pieces of glass.

Are Glass Enclosures One Size Fits All?

Simply stated—no. Do you need an extra-tall, wide, or another type of shower enclosure? You can find a custom glass creation to fit your design plans and bathroom space. While you can buy a stock enclosure, you don't have to. Before you choose a shower enclosure, discuss the options with the glass contractor. They can help you to design a custom creation.