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5 Types of Glass Used for Glass Tabletops

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A glass tabletop is often reasonably priced, safe, durable, and elegant. If you are interested in purchasing one, it is essential to know what type of glass you want for the table.


Tempered glass is a type of safety glass. It has been heated and cooled to provide it with extra strength. If it is damaged, it will break into small enough parts that can't hurt anyone instead of large, dangerous chards. If you want a glass tabletop, but are hesitant because you have young kids, this is a great solution.

Tinted or Frosted 

Another option is tinted or frosted glass. This allows you to enjoy a glossy-looking tabletop with a reflective finish without having a surface you can see through to the floor below. You can go with all sorts of colored tints, from green to red to blue to off-white. Or you can go with frosted glass, which has a light, see-through element but doesn't allow for a transparent view of the floor. Frosted glass tends to come in lighter shades.


If you want something that stands out, you may want to go with patterned glass. With this type of tabletop, a pattern is etched into one layer, and the other layer is transparent. This allows your tabletop to pop and bring a little bit of intrigue and design to your space. It will often come with a little color in it as well.

Silk Printed 

If you want something super special and exclusive, you can go with silk-screen printed glass. This type of tabletop is generally custom-made, and you can have whatever design you want to be printed on the glass. Not only is it visually stunning, it is often a scratch-resistant option and has a sun-powered concealing coating and reduced glare coating as well. It will look beautiful and classy without reflecting the sun back into your face.


Another type of glass you can use for a tabletop is plexiglass, which is another type of safety glass, as it is widely considered unbreakable. It is very lightweight and has almost more of a plastic feeling to it. It is much cheaper than some of the other options, although the price can be impacted by the thickness and size, as well as if it has a glare-decreasing coating on it.

When choosing glass for your table, think about what style, color, and look you want your table to have. You should also consider your budget. Plexiglass and tempered glass are the most affordable options, with tinted, patterned, and silk-screen printed being a little costlier but has extra details in the glass. This should help to guide your purchasing decision.