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Planning To Renovate Your Bathroom? Consider These 4 Glass Shower Door Options

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A bathroom remodeling is an excellent idea whether you want to resell the house in the future or just for beauty and comfort. The process needs attention to detail because you will need to find the right fixtures, paint colors, tiles, doors, and other small bits that come together to create the new bathroom. One of the crucial parts of the bathroom design is the doors. With the ever-changing trends and inventions, you might have a challenge choosing among the door varieties available in the market. However, consider these four bathroom glass door options for your renovation project. 

Trackless Sliding Doors

Not everyone will want the intrusive feature that a sliding door introduces to their bathroom architecture. If you fall in this category, you should consider a swinging bathroom glass door. The contractor can install either a pivot door or a hinged door that will swing inwards or outwards. A pivot door rests on a hinge mounted on the floor and can move through one hundred and eighty degrees. The contractor can also mount it to a three hundred and sixty degrees rotation. The doors are sleek and excellent for large bathrooms. On the other hand, the hinged door attaches to the wall. Hinged doors need more space inside the bathroom. 

The Frameless Shower Doors

Homeowners find frameless shower doors more pleasing to the eyes than their framed counterparts. The options are excellent when you have an elegant tile design that you want to show off. The frameless design makes the bathroom and shower one seamlessly continuous space with no obtrusions. Remember to insist on thicker glass panels for your frameless shower doors as it enhances the unit's stability.  

Bi-Fold Doors

The bi-fold door consists of several glass panels. The first panel is attached to the shower wall. The second and third panels fold outward on hinges and easily extend to close the open door space. The doors are an excellent option when you have a small bathroom and have to save on space. 

The Steam Shower Doors

The steam glass door should be your choice if you fancy having a shower that doubles as a steam room. The door should fit the top and bottom of the space tightly and also the sides. The hinges are also airtight.

Each door choice you make impacts the overall appearance of your bathroom. Take time before choosing a glass door type, and select one that will offer the best value at the most reasonable cost. Visit a shop to see these different glass shower doors in person.