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What To Do When You Have An Issue With The Windows In Your Home

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If you have a window in your home that sustains some damage or has a problem making it hard to open and close, you may need to consider having window repair services come and look over the situation. If the window is a custom window that was installed in the home, repairing it can be challenging, but more often than not, it can be fixed.

Broken Glass

One of the most common problems with residential windows is damage from an impact that breaks the glass. On double or triple-pane windows, one sheet may get broken with the others are still intact, and removing and replacing the glass seems simple, but these windows are made so that there is an inert gas in the space to keep them from frosting or fogging from moisture. 

Once the glass is broken, the window repair service will need to replace the glass and replace the gas between the sheets. This is not easily done in the field, so often, this is not an option.

In some situations, the only way to repair the glass is for the window repair service to take it out and send it to the manufacturer for restoration or to replace the pane window section entirely. If the glass is still intact in the rest of the window, the repair service may elect to take out the damaged glass for you, then order a new windowpane to replace yours. 

Stuck Windows

Older homes often have wood window frames that can expand and contract over time. Sometimes these frames get stuck shut, and getting them open again needs to be done carefully. Banging on the frame or trying to force the window open may result in a broken window or more damage to the frame than you already have. 

The window repair services tech may need to remove the trim around the window to get in behind the frame and make some room to relieve the pressure on the guides. Once the frame is adjusted, the glass pane should slide up and down easily but still have enough resistance to keep the window from slamming closed, which could break the glass. 

If the window is stuck closed because it has been painted shut, the solution often requires the window repair service to cut the paint around the window with a putty knife or a sharp utility knife to free it. The process is a little time-consuming because you can damage the wood on the window and the frame if the cuts are too deep.

Once the window is free, you may want to sand the frame where the parts come together to create some extra clearance and keep the windows working properly in the future.

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