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3 Decisions That Impact Your Commercial Glass Door Purchase

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Glass commercial doors are much more open and welcoming to potential clients when compared to solid doors. Choosing the right door type and style will complement the look and atmosphere of your business, as well as ensure safety and security. There are three main factors that will impact your door purchasing decision.

1. Glass Type

There are two broad categories for glass — non-impact and impact. For doors, only impact doors are suitable as they aren't as prone to breakage. Standard tempered glass doors are the minimum required, as these won't shatter into a million pieces on impact. It can break within the frame, though.

A better option is fully impact-resistant glass. These door products combine tempered glass with a layer of transparent laminate that prevents breakage. The laminate layer both absorbs any impact, thus protecting the glass and preventing any glass shards from falling out of the frame if a breakage still somehow occurs. This means the door is both safer and more secure.

2. Film Options

Window glass films serve many purposes, and most commercial doors can benefit from at least one type of film. Tinted films, for example, can protect staff and clients from sun glare, as well as protect merchandise and office furniture from fading and UV light damage. UV-resistant films still provide sun protection while allowing passers-by to look through the window, while privacy tinting blocks the view into the interior.

Security and anti-vandalism films are another option. A security film provides another layer of protection against glass breakage, which can minimize the chances of burglary. Anti-vandalism films are designed to be removed and replaced if graffiti occurs, allowing for a quick cleanup and no damage to the glass beneath.

3. Opening Style

You can find glass commercial doors in any style desired. Standard push-pull swinging doors work well for many businesses, whether they are in single or double door style. There are also automatic opening options for swinging doors.

Alternatively, you can opt for sliding glass doors. These are especially useful for businesses that sell larger items or where shoppers use push carts, as well as for businesses where clients may have mobility challenges, such as those pushing a stroller or using a wheelchair. For an upscale touch, you can opt for rotating glass doors to create a grand entrance.

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