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How To Clean Frameless Shower Doors

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If you've just moved into a new house that features frameless shower doors, or you've recently installed them during a home renovation, there are a few things to keep in mind when cleaning and maintaining them. The good news is that they aren't more difficult than conventional shower doors to maintain, despite their sleek appearance. 

Frameless shower doors will make any bathroom in your home look modern and clean, as they don't have the typical metal bars. Depending on the style of door you get, the seamless glass panels glide smoothly and quietly via a roller system, or open and close with a handle. 

Most frameless shower doors are constructed of durable tempered glass, and some even feature an innovative coating that helps repel water. This helps prevent water spots, as well as minerals and dirt from adhering to the glass. 

No matter what type of frameless shower doors you have, there are a handful of ways you can keep them clean and looking their best: 

1. Daily Maintenance 

Properly caring for your frameless shower door on a daily basis will prevent bigger, harder-to-clean issues from forming. After each shower, remove all excess water as soon as possible so that unsightly spots don't have a chance to form. 

One way to remove the water is with a squeegee. Working from top to bottom, run the rubber blade down the glass, pulling the excess water to the bottom. Go across the door with the squeegee until the glass is completely dry. For convenience and as a daily reminder, keep a squeegee hanging in or near your shower. 

Another way to remove the water after a shower is with a soft, lint-free microfiber cloth or sponge. In the same way as the squeegee, work your way from top to bottom with the cloth or sponge until the shower door is dry. 

2. Weekly Maintenance 

If your shower is used every day, take the time to give it a deeper cleaning once a week. Remove all excess water, and then spray the door down with a cleaner recommended for use on glass. Once again, use the squeegee, cloth, or sponge to remove the liquid. 

For homes with hard water, look for a glass cleaner that is formulated to remove mineral spots. You can also make your own glass-cleaning solution by mixing half water and half distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle. The vinegar solution will remove everything from hard water spots to stubborn dirt and grime.